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My name is Artem. I am a software developer, and occasional writer.

You are looking at my digital garden. I stole the term from Joel Hooks. Hopefully, he doesn't mind.

Since it is a garden, there is no strict organization. The posts might share very little in common, or express a complete thought. That said, they are mostly related to programming and software development. Stuff that I do on day to day basis.

The following page let you view all of my blog posts in the chronological order. However, I also have a section below with my personal favorites.

Same goes for my projects. You can find them all here, but the featured ones are right below on this page.

Most of the smaller code snippets you see in my posts can be found on my GitHub.

If you'd like to get in touch with me email and linkedin are your best channels.

All of my articles are also available on dev.to.

Featured Posts

Add a Video to Your Hugo Website

Learn how to add an external video to your Hugo website using Clappr, JavaScript media player.

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Static Website Infrastructure with Terraform

Terraform is awesome. Learn how to bootstrap a static website infrastructure with CDN on AWS.

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Introduction to Make

Make is one of the older tools that is still around. It is used with projects written in C, C++, Java, go and many other languages. Learn the basic of make and Makefiles.

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Featured Projects

Web Security Reference

This project was born as a personal research on the topic of security, and specifically web application security. It good place to start getting familiar with the most common threats developers face on the World Wide Web.

BigBlueButton JS

JavaScript wrapper for one of the most popular web conferencing systems designed for online learning. Enables developers to use native JS objects instead of XML.

Three JS Webpack Boilerplate

Three JS is probably the best library to create 3D graphics in a Web browser. Webpack is hands down the best bundler for the Web. I combined them for a perfect boilerplate to get started!